Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cardinal good-bye

What a fun loving week Chad & I had with your kids sis.... Kelsey & Brett are incredible! Beautiful~smart and incredibly funny! We are making some great memories for them!

The last day of our visit: we were taking the luggage out to the car, and when I looked to the left of our car, I saw a bright red cardinal sitting on the rack of a mini van roof just 2 cars away. Staring at Brett & I! I was speechless... I stuttered and stammered a "Look, look, look ~ a cardinal just for you kids"... "Kelsey, come back here" "come quick ~ a cardinal just for you". We all stood there in utter amazement, looked at each other and smiled. So cool! A cardinal visit just before they flew!

We all Love you sweet sis ~ your kids are doing fine! They miss you something terrible, but that is expected... They bring up alot of mommy memories and I love to hear them! "Mommy did this... mommy did that...." All good sis ~ all good!


Laurie Kolp said...

Cute picture! I hope you have recovered from your busy week. It was so good to see you.

Kym Tennies (King) said...

About 10 years ago we lived next door to Mary.. and my daughter and Kelsey were buddies ;) Those two have sure grown! I was trying to track Mary down through Google and that's how I found out about her death. I'm so very sorry for your loss. I have a picture of her with my daughters when she came back to visit, I love that picture.. I miss her smile.

Jeni said...

How wonderful for you to find me Kym. I'm glad you have this blog to see and to remember Mary. She is in heaven now. I would love to see the picture if you can email it... let me know. Love, Jeni

Kym Tennies said...

As soon as I find it again I'll send it to you!