Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Sweet Surprise

The same day I had a feeling someone was going to find me in search of Mary I had not one, but two! A couple hours after I heard from Christie, I got a friend request on Facebook from Bonnie D. in search of Mary! Bonnie met Mary when she was 13 and was friends with her throughout high school until their lives took different paths. Bonnie didn't know Mary had passed and was sad to hear the news. Bonnie had some wonderful memories to share with me and you:

"She was such an amazing, beautiful person with a very contagious smile and laugh and just radiated with energy. I met Mary when I was about 13 and we just clicked.....I know she loved her sisters more than anything and she talked about you all the time all good things & funny things and adored you....She does live on! She'll always hold a special place in my heart. I would love to see her program....."

"Hi Jeni....I got it! It was so beautifully pieced together. It is really a true reflection of the beautiful Mary I knew so long ago. I am still shocked and deeply saddened but so grateful I had the opportunity to know her. Her smile and laugh will stay with me forever! She touched the lives of many and was such an inspiration to all those around her to get fit and get moving! A flood of memories came to me when I saw her program. I think she would be so proud of you how graciously you've carried on and it's almost as if I can hear voice saying "Don't cry Jeni" " Don't be sad" I know she never believed in self-pity she was so strong and courageous and had just an admirable zest for life and her eye on her next challenge which always had to do with running faster or longer or further..

I love your spirit it reminds me so much of her! Please use this for your blog and I'll share with friends that knew her that may not know.

She will always be remembered! I loved her dearly!! : ) "

Lots of love,

These memories come straight from the heart. I can feel the love in the words. Mary was an angel on earth and the stories are proof again and again to me. If you think of Mary and a smile spreads across your face, know that she is there with you through God's grace. Blessings to you
in all that you do!

Loving Mary Forever

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Laurie Kolp said...

Wow- how neat is that to have her friends still contacting you? Mary was loved by all who knew her!