Monday, November 15, 2010

Thoughts become Things... Christie appears!

Saturday afternoon I had a thought, "I haven't had a Mary friend reach out to me in a while!" ~ then I had a feeling that I would hear from someone soon.....

Soon it was! Less than an hour later! Christie, also known as "Chris Coss" to Mary and the kids. Mary and Christie became the best of friends while Mary was a teacher and swim coach in Nederland. Mary was a positive influence in Christie's life and left many wonderful memories. Memories she has been happy to share with me and now with you. Together we have been able to reflect on how much she meant to both of us because of who she was ~ a beautiful soul on earth.

I'd like to share some Christie's words (& pictures) here in my Mary "Memories to Cherish":

"....I think of my many memories with Mary "Coach" I can't help myself but to cry still to this full of life and amazingly beautiful she really was as a person...a blessing to me and everyone else..."

"....she was helping people, probably teaching overweight women how to get a hold of their lives and eat healthy/workout. She probably helped people who were having a bad day or talked to the outcast...that was the Mary I knew and I know that she would do that no matter what. "

"....Mary (Coach), Mary M., and I we were all best friends -they were my world in Nederland."

"...overall I feel at peace knowing that she is still alive in all of our hearts.....Sometimes I will be doing something like bathing my kids and a memory out of the blue will come and I won't be able to stop thinking about it or a lot of times when we travel to different places i think of her and feel that she is with us seeing the world."

"....I loved to see the pictures of Kelsey and Brett while getting little updates... Mary would be so proud of them... they are both turning into wonderful young adults...That girl is something else. I would love to somehow read her book she wrote "Life after Leaving" I am not sure if I could or if there are any more but it would be neat. I am so proud of her and Brett too they seem to be doing so well."
Keep Blogging and stay in touch

I can't begin to tell you how much it means to me to have these memories shared with me! Thank you for caring enough to share ~ I know Mary is with us all ~ all of us who love her..... you all are the reason I have this blog.


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Laurie Kolp said...

Such beautiful memories... special blessings! Love you!