Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chain of Synchronicity's

This post is about a chain of occurrences that happened in April 2008 and then picked back up and finished in November 2008. Back when this happened, I didn't realize the importance it would have in my life today.

Synchronicity... that is what this chain of events is called.
I want to ~ have to share it here! I need to log it and this is the place I decided it should be:

One Friday evening in the early month of April 2008 (just a month since Mary had left us), I was standing outside in the breezeway of where I live. I had tears in my eyes flowing from my heart. My mind was all over the place. I couldn't believe my sister was gone. I had heard of this famous psychic/medium on Long island named George Anderson. I found his website and saw that his wait was almost a year and he was more like $1200. Holey Moley. First of all I had never been to a medium before nor had any desire to until now but $1200 - No way. Well at least not anytime soon I thought. Then, all of a sudden as I ended that thought, I felt my sisters presence - It was strong. It was pretty incredible. Especially when she started talking because I heard how she actually spoke. Her tone, her sound, to a tee! She said to me, "Jeni, don't you dare spend your hard earned money like that. You work too hard. I will come to you. I promise!!" Wow right?
The next day we went to my in-laws for a celebration of some sorts. I mentioned to Nancy, my friend and family, the price of George Anderson. She brought me a book from her shelf called, "Another Door Opens" by Jeffrey Wands. She said he was in Port Washington, NY and is less than $200 for a reading. If I wanted to go, she and my father in law would pay. That was sweet :)! I didn't make any kind of decision. "I don't go to psychics" and I wasn't about to waste money on just anyone. They had to be good, reputible. Anyway, I start reading the book when I got home and enjoyed it. That night I decided that I really liked how Jeffrey Wands wrote and what he wrote about. It was comforting. As I closed the book, I made the decision I would look up his number and call him. As I decided this, one of his business cards fell out of the book. Really! Wow right?
I called the next morning and left a message. Two days later AS his office is calling me back, A picture of Mary is being text messaged to me from her husband Brian. It was the last picture ever taken of her. Just days before she died. The phone call from the psychic and Mary's picture were coming in at the same time. Amazing right?

Sooooo, I made the appointment for the soonest I could. November 2008. Chad and I decided to do it together :). As we are driving to the appointment about 40 minutes away from where we live, we turned down two wrong streets. First we turned down Francis Blvd when we shouldn't have, then we turned onto Maryland Ave. These wrong turns weren't so bad. We got there in time! The reading was interesting. He was good. We left there with some intrigue and some comfort. The amazing thing was that the two main souls that came through were his Granny Francis and my sister Mary. Remember, the two wrong streets we turned on the way there were Francis Blvd & Maryland ave. Pretty Cool right?

Well, this is just the one of many synchronicities I've been able to recognize. I am just thrilled for all these confirmations that I AM NOT ALONE! I AM HEARD! I believe that our loved ones don't leave us..... How comforting is that?

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MarVeena said...

Thank you for sharing your story and your pain. What awesome confirmation though from your sister. I am a medium in Texas and I get to see a lot of the cool ways that our loved ones in spirit get our attention. One of my favorite is of a young woman who came to connect to a cetain loved one. The spirit that came in was a young male who kept showing me cars, his name was Carson. he was pretty you and was very determined his mom would know he was there for her.
I hope you sister comes to visit often!
MarVeena Meek
Dallas, TX