Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pastor Friend Chris

On 1/10/11 I got an e-mail from a Mary friend who had been searching for her for some time. Just another reason why I am so happy to have this blog in honor of her! To connect with the people who's life she touched - always in a positive way! I'm here to share my sisters life - so many Memories to Cherish!

Here is another friend who will miss and now cherish our Mary:

I found you through your blog dedicated to Mary.....From about 2002-2003 I was Mary and Brian's pastor in Nederland. We had so much fun with them.....then, I had taken a church in Missouri. I tried to track both of them down...So occasionally I would just do a simple google search, but I could never find anything. Last night, on a whim, I searched again and ran across the blog. I was obviously shocked to find out what happened. I was pretty close to Brian and Mary.....Brian and I used to hang out a lot and go to movies. Mary and I even worked out together a few times in Nederland.....Mary was really special. She just had a way of making everyone around her so comfortable. I was never around her when she wasn't smiling and upbeat. I used to tease her about being addicted to exercise. I really regret losing touch with them. Chris

Thank you Chris for allowing me to share your memory here! I am my sisters memory keeper.....

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Laurie Kolp said...

Mary touched everyone lucky enough to know her... a true gem!