Sunday, February 6, 2011

Random Synchro

Last Saturday I wrote a post called "Chain of Synchronicites".
Later that day I had a random thought, "I wonder what the mediums in Texas are like"!
There was no real reason why the heck I thought that, but I did. Then I forgot that thought. It was in and out of my little head.
Sunday morning I recieved a comment posted to that blog post. IT WAS FROM A PSYCHIC in Texas!!!!!! Amazing huh? Just a random person who found my blog!

THEN, later that day I got an email from a longtime friend in Texas who told me shes taking mediumship classes! (this friend and I have some amazing parallel's in our 20+ years of knowing each other)!

So many little things like this happen... it is absolutely amazing..... my thoughts are being heard!

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