Monday, September 19, 2011

Mary Soliel ~ A gift from above

"You will automatically attract like-minded people in your life that also feed on love. Once you’re in the new energy, love will always pervade. Until then, you will be less and less affected by the energy of fear and those who carry it within them. Your Light may affect them, but their fear will be less apt to affect you. The Light will win."
~Archangel Michael, from "Michael's Clarion Call"


Nieves said...

How nice blog dedicated to your sister, surely she was a very great person and she was lucky having a sister like you. I will come againt to visit. Best regards,

Jeni said...

Thank you so much Nieves :) ~ She really really was and still is! All the signs and connections!! Her energy on earth was incredible. She was so loving and so sweet and soooo sooooo full of energy - it's no wonder she is so dynamic in Spirit now!
Welome to my site and i hope you enjoy - (I see you posted your comment at 5:55 - how cool is that sign??) xxoo Jeni

Laurie Kolp said...

Great words to be remembered always. Thanks.