Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Little Red Bird - Cardinal Connection

This has been an amazing week full of connections and signs..... just a couple of days ago I randomly thought of my friend Clairvoyant Medium MarVeena Meek (you can click on the link to read the post of how MarVeena and I met - a synchronicity). The next day I saw an email that showed that she was following me now on Twitter. I don't really go to Twitter that much and to see this the day after I thought of her, was a bit of a shock (Ha - is it really?! Synch!!). Soooo, I reached out to say Hi and told her about this and introduced her to my Little Red Bird Chirps Facebook page. She went to my FB page Little Red Bird Chirps and then within moments, a person that I see is friends with her became friends with Little Red Bird and then left an AMAZING cardinal story that touched my soul. We are now connecting through my blog in addition to my Little Red Bird Chirps on Facebook. She is in Texas (my home state) yet her family is from NY (where I am now)! It seems there are some higher beings connecting us all.

I have to share her story. She has found a place in my heart and now a very special place here:


I have to share my little red bird story..after my first sister died in 1996 at the age of 48, I was devastated. I went on a retreat 4 months afterward and was out in the woods meditating. I asked Spirit to send me a "sign" that Stephanie was where she needed to be--something to comfort me. Just then, a cardinal came and sat on the branch above me. Now, Steph was a redhead, loved the color red, had a birthday in December (traditionally cardinals are seen then) and she died in December in St. Louis (home of the Cardinals then). To this day, I have cardinals come to visit almost daily in my yard here in central Texas. There were all sorts of other redbird connections since that time, also. I've since lost my other sister, my eldest brother and both parents. When I saw this page, it was but another sign from my beloved sister. Thank you!

I have a dragonfly connection too--that is my other sister, Christine's sign to me--after she passed in 2006, I was in my backyard thinking of her and there was a veritable swarm of dragonflies all around my terrace where I have an angel statue--never have seen them in my yard before or since.

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Laurie Kolp said...

Awww... another beautiful cardinal story!