Friday, April 13, 2012

Little Red Birds work in Mysterious Ways

Everyday is a gift and then there are day's I actually receive a gift, like this most recent story shared with me from a Little Red Bird fan named Lynn. I receive a lot of stories of new friends telling me how our little red bird is connected to a loved one lost. Lately, I'm learning that our little red bird will come to those just to bring some hope during extreme times. With her permission, I'm honored to share my new friend Lynn's beautiful cardinal story here:

April 6, 2012
Lynn (friend from LRB FB Page):

"A friend posted something from your website and I had to message you. I am in recovery ,just celebrated two years clean. Not sure of you know anything about Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous but part of working the Twelve Steps is finding A God of our understanding aka Higher Power aka Power greater than ourselves. Mine is nature but more specifically Red Birds..long story why. Anyway I love your website."

I responded and shared some stories that would connect us. She then opened up and shared her beautiful story here:

"......WOW, "Little Red Birds" work in mysterious ways....."

"I met my red bird while in a residential treatment facility called Mothers Making A Change. I was facing losing custody of my children if I didn't complete a program.. I was pretty angry about being there . We lived in apartments and in the a.m. I would drink my coffee and smoke a cig before group. This day I was supposed to tell my life story ( a requirement on your 30th day) and I had decided to just leave the facility. I looked over and two feet away in this tiny tree was a red bird just chirping away and bobbing up and down as if he were fussing at me. This went on for like 2 minutes and I said to myself "Good grief. Fine. I'll stay and I'll tell my life story today" and he stopped. So I went to "group" in another apartment. I was sitting in our circle getting ready to tell my life story and looked out on the deck and there sat the red bird and all my nervousness disappeared. My red bird appears at all the right times (when I need reminders to pray cause something is taking up alot of space in my head and I am troubled or if I am really just peaceful and serene and more) I am certain that my HP speaks to me subtly thru the redbird. I am looking forward to your "Gems of Wisdom" book. I have always loved quotes and saying or as you call them "chirps". I, too, am looking forward to staying connected!"

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