Sunday, July 8, 2012

7 Cardinals in my Tree

It was an amazing day of cardinals for me... There were at least 7 cardinals in my little tree outside my window.  I was so excited. I had never had that many all at once.  It was something magical....

I had to share it!  I sent a text to my niece Kelsey and she responded back saying:
 "Awesome that's a sign from God and mom :) and Angel 7 the Holy number"

Then I sent a text to my friend JMarie of The Cardinal Experience and her response was magical.  An amazing synch.  Here's our texversation:

I have 7 cardinals in my tree at once - I've never had this before!!!! I have goosebumps :).... Amazing!

Jeanne Marie:
Okay you're giving me goosebumps! I was just working on a picture called seven cardinal angels :-) I will send it to you tomorrow!

This is the picture Jeanne sent me....

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