Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bracelet Synchronicity

Is it a coincidence?  No!  it is a gift - a gift from above - these are synchronicities!  Signs that we are heard, we are not alone and if we believe, these synchronicities are the gifts we receive!

Sunday morning I was strolling through a new little boutique in the Village here on Long Island.  I love to browse - it's always a challenge to say NO to all the little things my eyes fall in love with.   I fell in love with a simple little bracelet of crystals that was connected by a rhinestoned cross.  I said NO :(... it would have been a $100+ splurge.  

To my surprise,  Tuesday morning a random friend from work came into my office with a gift!  This gift was the same style as the one I fell in love with on Sunday!  

Amazing little synch - a sign, a gift from above!

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