Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Little Red Feather

It was the day after Thanksgiving, which is also my sister Lisa's birthday this year and I had my mom in town from Texas..... I was thinking how wonderful it would be if we had Mary here with us ~ all of us girls together.   I happen to look down at ground at just the right time, to find this beautiful little red feather - what a sign!  A little cardinal feather for us to see - Mary was whispering "I'm never far sis - can't you see?!"  She is with us that is for certain. She is always sending me little surprises. Just like the surprise of the cardinals appearance on the day Mary died,  they have amazingly never left my side.  Almost 5 years now.  This is the first feather I've found...... a beautiful sign at a perfect time.

Well, the surprise doesn't end with the find.

I sent this picture to my friend Sweet Sue Dabruzzi to share my excitement in this sign and she sent this text back to me:

Ok wanna hear something weird?  I read ur text right after u sent it, and just picked my phone back up to reply...well somehow that feather became my screensaver and the time on the phone was 4:44! WTH?   Incredible - and how often do u come across cardinal feathers?  Never!  u should frame it....


Laurie Kolp said...

What an amazing affirmation!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Jeni said...

Thank YOU loving Laurie..... I'm so happy to have you in my life :)!