Sunday, November 11, 2012

More Little Red Bird Connections

A sweet LITTE RED BIRD connection - oh how I cherish these.  There are so many of us now.  So many of us who receive these signs of love from above.  There is something really special when we find each other.  It is just another confirmation that these amazing signs are for real.  I know there is always a little doubt in the back of our minds but we hold onto the positive thought that of course it is real!  Together we are strong - together we confirm!  Our Little Red Bird is not just a song...... oh no, not just a song at all.   

An angel, a messenger, a sign.... our loved ones are not far - they never are!

Here's a most recent story that was just sent to me through my Little Red Bird Chirps facebook page (notice the picture below - same picture I have had here on my blog - it is Lydia's profile picture on her FB page):

  • Lydia Guajaca Saiz

    hello there, I found your page on fb through a friend. Just a quick story for father was diagnosed with cancer in 2001. Shortly before he passed away, i asked him to send me a sign that he had arrived in heaven and to give me peace. I asked him to send me a "red" bird. We don't see too many in NM. About a month after he passed away, my sister found a nest with "red" birds under her patio that dad had built. Since that time, I carry a fondness for red birds. It was so nice seeing the ones on your page. Thanks!

    Feel free to use my story. I'm sorry for you losses as well. I have since lost my mother and I have several red bird figurines around my house. It was interesting because when I was asking my father to send me a sign, he said he would send a white bird, I said no send a red one because as I stated before we don't see them too often. I believe in signs from above. Be blessed my new friend.

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