Saturday, May 4, 2013

Angel in the ER

Friday night May 3rd, I had to go to the ER due to the intense pain in my stomach that was increasingly getting worse by the minute.

Usually during times like this I am shown fun little signs all along the way that I am not alone...... well, my eyes were closed most of the time due to the pain so nothing was noticed at all, but once the nurse gave me something to ease the pain, my mind instantly realized something was missing.... signs.
It didn't take long for my request to be fulfilled:

The orderly rolled me downstairs in my bed to have a catscan done.  It was quiet and kinda eery down there where I had to wait. 
While waiting my turn for the catscan, the technician came out to tell me that the elderly lady behind me has to go first because she drank the required contrast longer ago than I did.  I thought about being frustrated at the thought of having to stay down there in the eery basement any longer than I had to where a nurse or doctor would periodically poke their head into the hall or walk out of their office then back in without saying a word, but caught myself and thought, "Why on earth would I be upset?  Actually how could I?! This a sweet elderly lady who has lived twice as long as me - OF COURSE SHE CAN GO IN FRONT OF ME!"

Just as I thought that I heard the catscan technician come out and say to her, "Okay, are you ready MARY?"

P.S.  No worries - I'm okay.  It was a flare up of this ulcer I seemed to have gotten this year and something called gastritis which is an inflammation in my stomach.  It's annoying but I am working on healing it!  BTW:  you can't take ibuprofen or anti-inflammatories when you have an ulcer!

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