Sunday, May 5, 2013

More Signs after the ER visit

Soooo, the very next day (or if you want to be technical, since I left the hospital at 3a.m.), that same day, as I was at the garbage area of my complex, a cardinal was flying around my car, swooshing in front and behind it as if it was trying to get my attention.  It made me giggle with delight at this fun little red sight.   I felt the love.  This was comforting after the long hard night I had in the ER.

I was headed to the deli across the street for a bland turkey sandwich to eat..... I was still in a daze and feeling  a little down about the whole night in the ER and these stomach issues I'm having.  It just seems to be one thing after another these days.  My body is suffering.  In my subconcious mind I was asking for some answers.  I was wondering what the answer was.  Then as I pull into the parking lot of the deli, I pass a little black truck with the numbers 888 on it.  I  giggled again thinking this was a sign.  I felt my answer was coming soon.  It wasn't until I was leaving the deli that this time, on that same truck with 888, there was a bumper sticker that I saw TEXAS on it.  Then I felt a whisper.... "that is the answer - TEXAS".
P.S.  As I'm sitting here typing this blog, a cardinal couple keep flying in front of the window to the side of me.  Peeking in and then flying away...I've been in constant giggles.

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