Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad - I know your still here!

I just walked Honey with Chad - there were half a dozen robins following us and then 1 vibrant red cardinal that flew in our path.  I said to Chad, "Wow I haven't seen the Robin around lately, what a sweet treat this is!"..... then I realized why they were here- ITS MY DADS BIRTHDAY today!!

Of course the robins are here - he sent them!  He always surprises me with the Robin.... and I always associate Mary as our cardinal! 

My dad woulda turned 70 this month! I like to honor him this month - it's because of him that I know unconditional LOVE, forgiveness, hope, belief in dreams coming true, non judgement and FAITH. He inspired me to be me and to not compare.... He reminded me we are all unique and have a purpose! Just be the best YOU and be grateful! I can still feel his spirit with me even though he's been gone 20 years this year! He has been and always will be one of my angels! 

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