Monday, December 16, 2013

Studio3Ten - A Cardinal Story

 A Cardinal Story:

After learning more about Suzanne Millius,  there were so many things in common, I felt a nudge to reach out to her so I wrote her an email to say Hi and connect:
I’m so happy I found you and absolutely love your art and style.  You truly speak to my soul and its as if you speak my heart.  Fashion, art and music have a place in my heart too.  My father (in heaven now) was an artist, graphic designer and sang beautiful songs.  He too loved antiques, Clearwater songs and art….. somehow I’m thinking HE is the one who guided me to find you.  Also, my dad is from Creve Coeur, ILL – also Midwest.   My sister (also in heaven now) is the one who brought the little red bird (our cardinal) to me the day she died – she has inspired me to inspire others with love, hope and inspiration and the journey with our little red bird.  It is amazing how many can connect to our little red bird.

Suzanne wrote back:
I am convinced we all cross paths with one another - for a reason. Sometimes its a reason that may not be initially clear - other times - its not until later one, we are able to make the connection. as to why. I think we are here to learn - so the people we encounter - is part of the learning process. So.....that said, you found me for a reason. :)

The cardinal for me - has always been a reoccurring theme in my life - but it was a delayed recognition - in that, in hindsight - its clear. It was there all someone giving me a distinct message.  But did not know it or see it at the time.

I also have this strange connection with 11:11, 11:10, 11:12.........

I had so much art and music growing up. My grandmother - Evelyn - she was such an amazing woman. I used to go over to her house as a child, and she would draw trees with cardinal in them. So I would too.....She was sweet, kind, wise - and funny. In mind - we are all perfect - but some of us have a great deal to learn, she was just a wise soul.  Aside from her drawing these.....she collected them. and just weirdly they just always seem to 'appear' through out my life..........

She passed away years ago - but I had a very difficult time with her loss. VERY hard. Just watching her sorta crumble away.....ugh. so so difficult. I remember my mother held a 'memorial of life' for her - the grounds it was held was a beautiful house/mansion - that around here you can rent out....anyway, I did a portrait of her and gave to my mother - that was there, along with tons of photos, videos of her.....she touched so many lives......I just remember feeling numb....and I went upstairs to 'catch my breath'.....and while standing looking out the window.....I felt/though - 'I miss you..............' and began to cry. at that moment, the trees were FILLED with red was winter, and it was both stunning - powerful........but as a I cried - I thought 'oh my goodness......... you are not really gone.......are you?' and wow. it was just powerful. So I continued to see them. and then what started to happen as when I would struggle with something in my life - or...anything I was having a hard time processing.....a cardinal would appear.

its funny since opening this shop - the cardinals, I have had COUNTLESS people message me, and they tell me their own cardinal stories. it just blows me away.

Suzanne Millius
Artist ::: Poet ::: Dream Chaser '*+ * .*.¸.•´+ ´¨¨* .*;

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