Sunday, June 15, 2014

My cat RED

RED is the neighborhood stray cat that has somehow survived the brutal winter of NY this year... never letting anyone near him..... Until one day about 4 weeks ago - he let me take off the old flea collar on him that was choking him.  Since then he's adopted me.  He's friendly with all the cats and even Boo. I wanted to get him taken care of so with the help of my neighbors, we got him vet checked, shots and neutered.  My friend Stephanie in the complex agreed to keep him in her apt until we move to our house....
Then, on Fathers Day:
Well RED escaped and ventured back to my apartment...... guess he's claimed me! Sorry about the window Steph .... I'll get it fixed!
Fun lil synch: the vet didn't know his Bday so they chose a date: 12/7-----THATS my DADS BDAY! Lol - fun sign that Red is supposed to be mine!
Thanks DAD

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A said...

"Red" is the perfect name :-)

p/s: Love the 11:11 screenshot!