Sunday, June 8, 2014

Seahorse Synch

We were saying our goodbyes the day after Kelseys' Birthday and Graduation and I realized I had one more gift to give her.......a "just for giggles" seahorse ring I had been saving for her. It was given to me for her from our friend Danielle who has never met Kelsey or Mary, but became friends with me through synchronicity.
It was such a  celebration having all of her mom's family with her!!
It wouldn't be a complete trip without a sign from above to show Mary has been with us the whole time.

Kelsey got lots of seahorse gifts for her Birthday - the seahorse is a love she inherited from her mom -
How appropriate that my mom & I saw this truck on our way out of Beaumont! 
"seahorse transport"
This was our Mary Sign!
(if you add all these numbers on this truck - they equal 11 - our angel number!)

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