Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Mary

We will always celebrate your Birthday Mary - you live in our hearts and are attached to my soul!  
I feel your spirit everywhere and love all the signs..... thank you sweet sis!
Here are a few things we did to honor you this year:

Made mini cupcakes of your favorite cake & frosting:  vanilla with chocolate - mmmm
I found something special this year as I was buying the decorative treats.  As soon as I saw these lil bubble gum machine candies to top off the cake I knew I had to get them... they reminded me of this fun picture I took of you & David in the Galleria mall in Houston in front of the giant gumball machine.  We even had this picture framed for dad! It was just like you:  colorful, fun and sweet!  he-he
Memories to Cherish!
I found our favorite soda with your name on it in Target - on your B-day of course!
It was throw back Thursday on FB #TBT and when I used my timehop app to find the picture posted on this day a year ago... this is what came up :) ~ me & you sis back in 1995 celebrating our B-day week together.  LOVE this picture of us. 

Then I posted my Mary poem I wrote to you a few years ago:

I know your out there Mary
In the world we don't know
Giving me signs
Telling me you love me so
Not to worry
Not to be sad
Your in bliss - pure happiness
Staying close
To the ones who miss you
Showering us with your love
Making sure we know!
Your magnificent energy
Has touched many more souls!
Just like when you were alive
You continue to amaze me with
Your brilliance! Your pure love! Your radiant smile still shines from the sky!
Thank you precious Mary - my angel up high for touching so many lives!!!

I will always celebrate my Mary's Birthday. 
Celebrating your life ~ precious it was so full of love !

To top the day off, Kelsey sent me this picture showing me that she was honoring her mom's Bday by wearing her James Avery Mother ring and sand dollar bracelet.   

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