Wednesday, August 6, 2014

my Birthday Gifts from above

Birthday gift at 11 last night: Chad & I went outside for our last Honey walk for the night a little after 11pm and I couldn't believe my ears... There were cardinal chirps coming from the trees. I looked at Chad and said "do you hear that? Cardinal chirps!!! Birds sleep at night - wow!" Birthday chirps just for me  ~ thanks Mary!

another magical gift: I had a dream of my sister Mary last night. We were in gymnastics together in the dream looking at the height where the instructor put the bar on the wall for us to reach. I looked at Mary and said "are they crazy? That's impossible!" Mary just looked at it, studied it and said "Naw - let me try!" I raised my eyebrows and watched in wonderment as she not only reached the bar but did a back flip off the wall! LOL... That was our Mary..... Always reaching and exceeding giving is all hope! What a beautiful B-day gift! Thanks again sis 

Wonderful B-day news: mom went in to get her heart shocked today.......But.......they didn't have to shock her was in the right rhythm already! Woo hoo!!!

I had a wonderful Birthday this year!!!!!


A said...

Belated happy birthday Jeni. Love your presents, the bird, the dream and your mom's heart :-)

Jeni said...

Hi A :) ~ thank you so's been so magical. when is your Bday?