Monday, August 11, 2014

Flowers and Chirps

Special day of gifts

I received this precious flower arrangement today from a resident right in the midst of crazy chaos -- she said the pretty little flowers sparkle a sweet smile and are bowing to me...and put change at the bottom of the vase to bring me good fortune! What a sweet unexpected surprise to brighten my day!

 ❤️I was headed to Penn station from 10th Ave..... (Walking not sprinting this time) and I hear a familiar chirp chirp chirp... I don't pay much attention because I figure there's no way a cardinal is all the way west on 31st street - it's very industrial with only a few trees.  I continue chatting away on the phone and the chirp is getting louder...  So I look to my left - the only place with a little bit of green sticking out behind a fence covering a construction site between 9th & 10th: a beautiful RED cardinal flew away - right in front of me!  What a treat.....a very special treat!  Life really is good!      

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