Sunday, August 31, 2014

Long Island Medium & Me

A couple years ago I emailed Teresa Caputo asking her about a group reading, what her availability was and what was the fee.  This was just months before she became really big.   Well, I forgot i emailed her and a year later I received an email from her producer asking me if i would like a reading and would I mind being on TV.  LOL - hahaha - who me?

Of course i said yes, but i wanted a group reading, not a one on one.  I didn't feel I'd be good - I already have my confirmations of my Mary's presence and probably wouldn't cry.  I felt it wouldn't be fair to others who really "need" a reading to heal.    

Anyway,  we worked out the logistics and I sent her pictures of the house (my in-laws) & put her in touch with them.   She said they will call a couple weeks before the planned event and we could only have people (up to 10) who would benefit from a reading, not just "friends, family & fans".   Perfect.  Well........... i didn't get that call until a year after that.  HA.  It was so worth it though.  We filmed in June and it aired 8/31/14.  It's the show titled "Ugly Truckling".  

Teresa was super cool and an amazing person to meet! Everyone was "read"; meaning a loved one from the other side came through, but not everyone could be "featured" on the show, including me (which is how I preferred btw - those who know me well know why). I'm beyond happy at how everything worked out - just as it was supposed to!! The show was at my in-laws house in Port Jefferson Long Island - my father in law was interviewed regarding his experience since both of his parents came through and revealed things he never even told them - 
It was pure, real, amazing and FUN!

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