Monday, October 13, 2014

Mary Hears Me

U know my Mary pad?  The one I have been writing notes to her since she's been gone?

I wrote on it this morning....  "Where are you sis?  I'm in my new home.  I feel your presence but......".  I hadn't received a sign in a while and  was missing my little red cardinals and morning doves that I had all around me at my old home (they had shown up after Mary left and made a home outside my window).

Well,  tonight my massage therapist randomly told me in the middle of my session, "Lavender is healing"- I didn't say anything then,  but after the massage I told her that my sister had said that in a reading I had from a medium the year she passed away.  (Mary had mentioned the notes i was writing to her and told me to get lavender paper to write on, because lavender was healing.) 

Then I got my answer to the question I wrote to Mary:

My massage therapist said she got chills and then said my sister was here & she was the  conduit to let me know she's still with me!!!

The massage therapist also said that we were supposed to be in room #3 but instead she put us in  room #4 which she said was an angel # !

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