Monday, January 1, 2018

2017! Live it ~ Learn from it and love it!


2017 🤔

As I think back through this past year and reflect on the memories made and lessons learned, I smile, look up to the heavens and say Thank You! Thank you again...  

I've battled with some crazy health issues.  The kind of crazy where no doctors really know the answers.  Anything that has to do with the auto immune system becomes a big guessing game.  Good thing I'm a fighter with a pocket full of Hope. I'm doing pretty good these days and have learned alot! No more gluten, dairy and soy.  Amazing results! 

I can honestly say I love my life, everyone in it, the job I do and who I do it for!  Life is short, I know this to be true, so I'll keep on loving it and hoping you do too.  

To all my friends and family reading this: Thank you for being in my life and making memories with me!  

Happy New Year - live it, learn from it and love it one day at a time!

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