Thursday, September 26, 2019

Sister Signs in a time of need

I've been thinking of my Mary lately and I feel like she's been around a  little more too.  She's always been my cheerleader, especially when I need her most. This was one of those times.

Today I received this positive affirmation that spoke to me and I just knew it was meant for me when it appeared in my social media feed:
Then, as I was headed to an appointment, a big cardinal on a truck crossed my path.

But it was this final sign that confirmed it:
As I was in the waiting area for my appointment, a sweet lady came in with her mom and two young daughters,  one was about 4 and the other had some disabilities that required tubes in the nose and she was still in a stroller. Well, the grandma kept the 4 year old busy by playing with her and talking about her different toys she had with her.  I was so entertained and also intrigued.  I couldn't believe how much she resembled Mary as a toddler.  Very distinct features like my Mary.  I smiled a loving smile at them letting them know I enjoyed their company.  Then, the grandma said the toddlers name.... Can you guess what it was?? Yup, Mary! My heart swelled up and I felt a rush of love flow through me.  Then I looked back at them again and caught  the little sister with disabilities staring at me so I blinked, she blinked back. We blinked to each other with smiles a few more times and then they were called to their appointment.  What a treat.  I feel so blessed and had to share it with whoever would like to hear. There is magic out there, there really is, we just have to keep our eyes and our hearts open to see.  Most importantly  #Believe 👼

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