Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Hospital Love

I had surgery on my foot today - I had a plantar plate tear that wouldn't heal on its own.  
I've had a few surgeries in the last couple years,  and it never fails,  my sweet sister Mary always, ALWAYS appears.  

As soon as we got to the Hospital, a kind receptionist we met helped us with a parking situation. There was no handicap parking for my husband to park the van.  He insisted he drop me off while he went to find a space further away where no'one could park next to him, allowing the wheelchair ramp to open. He called me a few minutes later and said there was no parking anywhere :(.  oh boy!  Well,  the kind receptionist who heard my call told me to have him come park by the entrance and she would watch his van while he waited with me before I went into surgery.  She was so sweet.  She even came out from behind the desk to help with the situation.  It was a kind offer.  Something inside me nudged me to ask her name and my jaw dropped when she said her name was Mary!! 

Greeted and helped by a Mary and one of my pre op nurses was Mary Ann and then one of my post op nurses was Maria (Italian for Mary)!!! 

OH and a little bonus:  after surgery, they offer to give me some snacks and when they brought me these delicious little bag of gluten free ginger snap cookies by a brand named Lucy,  I knew it was my dear friend Nadia's sister Lucy who I adored and loved instantly.  She had passed away a year ago on December 1st.  I felt very connected to her and was so sad when she suddenly died.  I had hoped her and my Mary would find each other.  Looks like they did.  

It was confirming to know I wasn't alone. 🙏👼❌⭕ #LovefromAbove #Angelsamongus


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