Saturday, December 7, 2019

Angels in the Least Expected Places

Angels are Among Us!

I saw the sweetest thing last week in a restaurant I was in.   The cutest older couple I've ever seen in line holding hands  they must have been in their 90's, I saw the husband was wearing a WWII hat and instantly had a love and respect for this couple.  As I was I was leaving I saw the pretty little lady with her head bowed down praying and then did the end of prayer "father, son, holy ghost" gesture and opened her eyes with a smile.  You don't see that these days.  This couple warmed my heart.  I actually thought about them a few times throughout the  week and when I did, it brought a smile to my face and a feeling of comfort came over me. I went to the same restaurant and couldn't believe it when I saw this same couple two people in front of me again, just like last week.  They sat at their same table.  This time I walked up to the lady and told her how I saw them last week and was so touched to see her pray before her meal.  She told me that sometimes that's all we have - our faith and hope.  I told her I agreed and that I hope to see them again.  I went back to my spot to wait for my meal to go and in about 5 minutes I felt her hand on my arm and she said to come quickly, she had a table for me in this busy restaurant.  She was so sweet.  The restaurant worker was calling my name for my order just then so I told her I'd be right there.  
I had to tell her my order was to go and my husband was waiting in the car for me but thanked her for thinking of me.   She asked my name and after I told her, I asked hers...... Tears formed and my heart skipped a beat when she told me her name was Mary! 👼❣

I told her that was a very special name to me and that my sister Mary was in heaven.  The kind little lady touched my arm again and said that my sister wants me to know that she is with me.

I truly am blessed!

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