Monday, December 30, 2019

I Hear You


Crazy thing, I was in Penn  station just now and ended up buying a special hat with a cardinal on it for my brother David. The lady who sold it to me asked what the Cardinal meant to me. HA - little did she know what she asked 🤣. I kept it brief, but it was def all about my Mary.  Then I decided to treat myself to a red mango frozen yogurt to celebrate my Monday being my Friday 🤸.  I felt like I'd found a gem in that hat store and felt happy.  Moments later I saw I got a text from Mary's husband with pictures of my nephew Brett with his girlfriend Brenda on Christmas day.  My heart filled with love.  Then....  I hear my name, "Jeni"... "Jeni"... "Jeni"!  It sounded exactly like Mary's very distinctive high pitched voice.  I was looking everywhere, it sounded far away but close at the same time.   By the 3rd "Jeni" I saw where I thought it was coming from....... but it stopped.  It was crazy -I got goose bumps all over - I felt her presence I swear I did.  

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