Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Mary - 7-31-1972


Our Birthdays are only 6 days apart & I remember sharing our Birthdays together growing up ~ I loved you so much I grew to be happy to share our special days so close to each other. I loved celebrating life with you. I was so proud of you Mary! So full of life & love & energy.... you were contagious. I miss you. I will still celebrate the day you were born - it is a special special day. Although Jesus is gone, we still celebrate his B-day! Gone but not forgotten & only gone physically!
You are in my heart and thoughts always! I'm buying a birdfeeder for me for your b-day and leave black sunflower seeds - the seed of the Cardinal's choice. I'll be watching for you!
Love, your #1 fan,


Laurie Kolp said...

I've been checking your blog all week waiting for Mary's birthday tribute. It is beautiful- straight from the heart, and so full of love. Thank you for creating this blog. I feel close to Mary when I read it. I am going to visit her grave today. I'm bringing my camera, just in case...

Happy Birthday, Jeni! When is your birthday?

Love ya, Laurie

Jeni said...

Oh Laurie ~ your words are so sweet. I treasure our friendship & your closeness to Mary was short but to quality. Now we have each other. My Birthday is only 6 days away. We used to celebrate together. when is yours?