Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mary's legacy

Dear Mary~

When I look at Kelsey & Brett I see you..... not just the physical appearance, but the funniness too. You did a wonderful job in raising them during the most important days of their lives. Don't you worry, we will take over from here. Brian is loving them the way they deserve & JoJo is giving them the stability and discipline the need.

The kids know how much our side of the family loves them. They know that they can always depend on us. We will stay close, don't you worry. We will never forget you. We will keep you alive in our hearts!

Just wanted you to know... okay? You always worried so much, so I am trying to help you.

NO Worries ~ "Worrying is a like a sin ~ it's telling God you don't trust Him".

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Laurie Kolp said...

I can hear Mary saying, "Make a funny face for the camera!" Her spirit does shine through her children. Her memories will be kept alive through you, so keep doing what you are doing- it is so soothing to know I can look at your blog and see new pictures of Mary. I'm so glad you have so many great pictures.

Love you, Laurie