Saturday, November 22, 2008

You, Me & Dad makes three

You must be so happy.... being with dad again!

I miss dad so
very much!

My wedding plans seem to be missing something.... I was waiting for you Mary.

You were supposed to be my maid of honor - standing by my side.

Well, that's okay, Kelsey will stand in for you. You're lil spit fire! She is not going to let anyone forget you is what I was told....LOL, I believe it :).... me neither!

Having David give me away is really special. We all have a plan and a place right?

Yeah, I've never been one to go "by the book" or "followed the A-typical plan", thank goodness in this case. I don't mind improv or compromise!

How lucky am I to still have you & dad - as my Angels.
I know you both are there ~ Crystal Nicole too.
(I got your message too lil Crystal & I can't wait!)

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Laurie Kolp said...

Your wedding day will be beautiful...and your angels will be right there with you!