Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Heavenly Birthday Dad

Today is the day 65 years ago.... my dad was born!

What a very special day to celebrate. The world was blessed by his presence for 49 of them and I was blessed with 24 of mine with him! He is still with me in my heart & in spirit.

I know he's not alone today.... He is in Heaven with Our Father, his mom & dad, my precious sister Mary, baby Crystal, his brother Ricky and many many more!

I'm sure everyday is a celebration in Heaven ~ as it should be here. Either way, today's a day a I like to give thanks for my dad's Birthday. Without him, there would be no me.

What a wonderful dad I had! Thank you Dad for teaching me all that you did and encouraging me in all that I did and loving me unconditionally!

Happy Birthday Dad!

I love you with all my heart as much as I did when you were here!


Laurie Kolp said...

I know he was a great father and he is looking down from heaven so very proud of you!

Love you!

Susan said...

Mom mentioned Sunday when I was over there that it was your dad's birthday. I can't imagine being without my father, let along for as long as you have.
He was a very special man. I loved when he came to visit. He always took the time to be with us, play games with us, laughing, joking, making you feel special. I loved it when he would say, "well, isn't that special." I can't believe he would've been 65! I can't even imagine him as an old man. I like to remember him as the tall, strong man he was.
It's been very hard to watch my dad grow old. Tho, I am glad I still have him, it's very hard to watch the little things he is no longer able to do.
Remember your dad is always with you, in the things he taught you, the things he said, the mannerisms you picked up from him, your memories.
Love you and miss you!!