Monday, December 29, 2008

My Dream ~ My Angel

I had a dream this morning...

I was going to visit Mary.

I'm not sure where it was, but for some reason I thought it was a hospital or jail, but in my dream as I got there, my feeling changed.
I walked into an open room with round tables at one end of it and open space in the middle. It was a warm feeling I got when I entered it. Mary walked over to me with a smile so spiritually warm I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I was taking in every detail of her. She had her old body back. The fit muscular build she had for so many years before she got too skinny. She looked so confident and strong, yet sweet. Her hair was soft, long and blonde. The way you would picture an angels hair. Hers was straight with no bangs just like always. Her complextion was startling soft. So pure! Like a babies new born skin. She had a beutiful baby pink gloss to her lips.
I looked deep into her eyes to see how she was.
That kind of look that saw into her soul.

I was looking for the oh so familiar pain I had grown to know for so many years. I was amazed that I couln't see any. I was happy but stunned.... for so many years that she was alive, I saw past her cheerful smile and energy and felt her inner pain. I didn't see any of that in my dream. It was peace I saw. Serenity ~ so Beautiful!! I woke up crying. . . . .

We didn't speak with words, it was as if we spoke telepathically. She guided my gaze with her eyes to a table in the distance that she had walked from. There was a young girl/lady sitting there with her back to us in a sorrowful slump with her head bowed - as if in emotional pain. A pain I felt that was close to home. Mary said "Look Jeni, a girl as beautiful as you - and I'm helping her". Mary was so happy and proud about it and I felt like she was doing what she was meant to do. It was a sign.

Mary is Beautiful, she is very much alive in Spirit,

she is an Angel doing good!


Laurie Kolp said...

Wow- that gives me goosebumps! Thanks for sharing. Call me- I'd like to talk about this with you!

Christie said...

Our Angel on earth and now in heaven. Mary always helped people I know she helped me :) and I know she continues to do so. I miss her so much!

Lynne Dintiman said...

Indeed your now heavenly angel, Mary, is shepherding a new sweet angel into happiness and joy, encouraging her to shed her earthly pain, shame, hurt and to join her in joyous, happy and free heavenly places. What a lovely dream God gave you...I believe it! I pray I may dream such a dream of my dear "little big" brother also...Hugs