Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flowers of Love

Would you believe I got both of these flowers from residents in the last two weeks.
I received the ones in the green vase last week from a resident's mom ~ she said these flowers came from her garden. This week, I received the flowers in the brown vase from my resident/friend Charlotte who received them and had to leave town so she wanted me to enjoy them.

Crazy how both sets have my favorite flower in them, "The Sunflower". Yellow and purple/lavender have been my colors all year and it seems that I am being surrounded by beauty with those colors.
How lucky am I??


The Mendez Family said...

I'm so glad you are surrounded by deserve it beautiful sis!

Anonymous said...

Or course I would believe it Jeni, because you are you!

Chad said...

Of course baby your the best!

Kerri said...

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful person. Purple is my very favorite color. It appears everywhere! Must be a sign....

Love you bunches,