Sunday, March 28, 2010

Walk In The Woods

I've been very in tune with alot of different things in life these days. Beautiful skies, nature, birds, birds & more birds (THE CARDINAL most of all), the healing powers of lavender, and the miraculous signs of love from above.....

I have also been doing what I can to help me enjoy the moments and live more peacefully. Calming the busy mind is a start. On my ipod I have added "Spa Radio" to my Pandora Radio collection and this is what I start my day with as I'm headed into the busyness of NYC. It's actually an incredible experience to walk around a busy train station with beautiful melodies filling your ears.

The other day, I look down at my ipod and this picture I just posted is what I see. I'm a little amazed to see so many things my life consists of these days in one picture. A collage made just for me! It's a CD cover for Jon Schmidt "Walk in the Woods"...... the sounds are as beautiful as this picture.

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Laurie Kolp said...

Wow- I love that. It seems to be just for you, and to think you just saw this pic out of nowhere. You are blessed, Jeni!