Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Robins

My Robins came back!!Amazing is all I have to say! As I've been wondering where all my birds have gone this year (except my loyal cardinal)....they are appearing to me as I've wished! Except my Robin. Last year there were Robin's everywhere around me. This year none. Well, there was always one every now and then, but nothing at all like the year before.

You know how you just know when something is out of the ordinary or there for just you?! That is how I felt when the birds began to appear. I've mentioned this before ~ I've lived in the same place for over 7 years now and have always been perceptive, so when the birds began to appear I slowly knew!

I went out to walk the dog this morning and as usual, my thoughts open up and I start to ask inside my head, "where are you Mary?" "where are you?"......

ALL OF A SUDDEN, birds were all around me. I'm not kidding! In the trees, on the fence, in the grass, at the top of the roof tips, several of them! I must have seen over 2 dozen Robins! Flying in my path, up above my head, surrounding me and my pup!

A most wonderful feeling came over me, I was surrounded by LOVE!

How blessed am I to be comforted from those I love who come from above?!


Laurie Kolp said...

Robins always remind me of "The Secret Garden." Glad they're back, Jen! = )

Jeni said...

Yes, me too.... I read the book and watched the movie just last year. In my psychic reading last year she said Mary was saying Secret Garden - didn't know what else to look for but the book, but it's making sense now. :) Its a pretty incredible journey these days.