Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Spoken Words of Spirit: Jim Fargiano Blog

The Spoken Words of Spirit: The Spoken Words of Spirit--November 4, 2010:
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"No harm can come to you when you learn to view every event in you life in a positive way. Even those things that may seem to be harsh lesson..."

I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did ~ amazing words!


Anonymous said...

I was NOT impressed, Jim charged150.00 for less than 1 hour of his "time" as he pretended to see some things in my past most of which he was very wrong. As for his posts seems to be a long version of a fortune cookie. SAVE YOUR MONEY

Jeni said...

Dear Anonymous~ I'm sorry your experience with Jim Fargiano didn't work out. It sounds like his posts just aren't for you. There are some incredible authors and spiritual souls out there, I hope the one for you is found. Not everyone connects with everyone and thats okay. Gotta find the one that "clicks" you know.... Best wishes for you always! Thank you for stopping by!