Friday, December 10, 2010

M-A-R-Y - Goooooo Mary!

Dancin' ~ Cheerin'
Mary did it all!
I remember Mary's freshman year, she was so torn between trying out for dance team (following in my footsteps) or cheerleading!

Well, she ended up doing both throughout her HS years! She tried the dance team thing her sophomore year (along with bleach blonde hair - which we fixed pretty quick and laughed about it years later).

Dance team just didn't seem right, soooo, she Cheerleaded into her Senior year.

She was so good! She flipped and flopped and tumbled and jumped and yelled and smiled and cheered her little heart out.... she was right at home!

Mary was a natural born cheerleader......
her energy, smile and enthusiasm was so contagious!

She looks like a little cardinal in these pictures. Pretty ironic isn't it?

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Laurie Kolp said...

No surprise to me. She was still an energetic cheerleader up until the day she died. She could make the lowest person feel good about themself.