Saturday, December 4, 2010

Morning Signs

I didn't know it was going to be a wonderful day when I woke up. But the signs began when I took my pup out for her morning walk at 6 a.m.

Signs, Signs, signs... You are with me!

I heard you in the dark of the morning my sweet little cardinal friends and again at the exit of my community as I left for work!
I feel you!

I started my iPod to play music... Without me choosing , it played on it's own random sequence a song for Brett (Journey), a song for Mary (PDiddy), a song for Chad and I (Whitney) & a song for Kelsey (Rihanna)!
I hear you!!!

I arrive above ground from my subway journey to work this morning to find a flock of at least two dozen pigeons flying above my head in a beautiful sequence. They flew like this 3 times and landed on the art on the wall of my building!
I see you!

Kind of amazing....I thought of two people this morning I hadn't heard from in awhile and got a post on my FB wall from one & a friend request from the other!!!

"We can count on the presence which makes itself known through feelings, dreams and synchronicities. Intuition is a natural state of consciousness in which our small isolated mind opens to the big mind of the divine"
~Joan Borysenko

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Laurie Kolp said...

Wow, Jeni~

What a beautiful post. I love reading about your amazing spiritual experiences. Mary loves you!

I love you, too~