Thursday, December 30, 2010

Seahorses ~Seahorses~ Seahorses

If you knew Mary, you knew she loved the Seahorse!

I met a new friend through my work a year ago. Danielle! We connected instantly by the common interest in the 11:11 signs. When she gave me her e-mail address my jaw almost dropped. I knew we were meant to be friends. Her e-mail was! I told her my sister looooved Seahorses. (I was a little amazed because I've never met anyone else who loved seahorses.) There are some things about her that remind me of Mary, she also loves loves loves animals like Mary did. She is beautiful and short like Mary too :)! Anyway, we became instant friends, but don't get to hang out or even talk very much due to life's busy demands. I saw her before Christmas and she brought me this beautiful Seahorse Christmas ornament. I couldn't believe she remembered!!! We hadn't talked about the Seahorse since the first day we met. She said she saw this and had to get it for me. Tears came to her eyes. Somehow my friend Danielle and I are connected! I am so blessed to have the sweet souls brought into my life. I know its not a coincidence at all... none of it is!

I sent a picture of this seahorse ornament to Kelsey and this is what she text back to me:

"i love the seahorse!!! its soooo prettty!!

and mom would have probably spazzzed over it ;)!"

Mary is with us... she shows me all the time! Here is a Seahorse I saw from SouthStreet Seaport in NYC :

Here on the Boardwalk at Jones Beach on Long Island:

Thank you Danielle for remembering our Seahorse! You are a friend sent from above......

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Laurie Kolp said...

What a treasure Danielle is to you... a gift from above... like you are to me!