Friday, July 29, 2011

Cardinals of Love and Signs from Above

So many wonderful cardinal stories have been coming my way..... I'm so happy to share them here. I'm not the only one receiving messages of love and signs from above!

I have a friend named Betty who if I'm lucky, we catch the same train together. It had been a while and then I got an email from her saying: "I have a cardinal story, I cant wait to tell you!" That was on 7/5/2011 ~ we finally caught up with each other 7/18/11 – She went on to tell me that her mother had passed away the month before and during the funeral at her gravesite several cardinals were in the tree surrounding everyone. That same day as she returned home, she saw a cardinal sitting on her fence chirping at her...… Later that evening as she was speaking to her brother about the cardinal visits he told her that he too was greeted by a cardinal when he had returned home that night. They both immediately knew it was their mom.

Betty went on to say, "The day of my mothers death, before I even knew she was gone, I was in transit from NYC to Long Island and heard a whistle that sounded exactly like what my mother would do when I was a child when she wanted us home…" It wasn't until she got home that she found out she was gone. Betty was paid a visit and notified before she even knew….

On 7/17/11 my cousin Susan sent me an email sharing some cardinal love:

Mom wanted me to write you. We just read your blog post about wanting to know other cardinal visits. Well, this past Friday and Saturday we had a yard sale here at Mom's. And on both days we had a cardinal sitting in the tree across the street in Uncle Rick's tree watching us. Mom says it was dad watching as we sold his ball caps! haha. It was there both days and would sing and fly from the tree across the street to a tree in mom's yard. Mom says it usually visits daily. Love your blog! but love you more!! Susan

On 7/19/11 Mary's close friend Jana sent me this email about a cardinal sign:

Jeni, Mary is healing my heart everday! It truly is the small things that matter most. Mary would love that. i look for her daily and there is great joy. Was getting a little worried. I hadn't found my cardinal until last night- some friends were coming over to swim and visit- our kids are close friends. I was frantic cleaning in preparation. My boyfriend's hat hung from the chandelier so I took it down to hang it in the bedroom closet- a red baseball cap nothing unusual until I flipped it over- a red cardinal! My cardinal from Mary - telling me life must go on and to live it to its fullest. She would want nothing more. Amazing! I am working on a cross for Mary's grave. It is one I recieved at an Easter service - I will write and explain in a letter. I will have it ready. I will save it for when I visit Mary's grave - hopefully I can do that with you. I think that will make Mary very happy. When I finish I will send it to you to hold onto until I get the joy of seeing you again and visiting Mary. I love you more than words can say- you are one of God's angel's on earth - just like Mary!

On 7/24/11 I was headed to an important meeting I needed to be at:
As I was driving to this meeting, a beautiful red cardinal flew in front of my car. Then shortly down another street, I saw a female cardinal in the middle of the road ~ she flew away as I drove toward her. Later that evening, while in the auditorium I kept hearing a chirp chirp chip - I finally looked out the window and saw a little red bird in the tree looking in at me :)

On 7/29/11 I was headed home from the train with thoughts of the day to come - Kelsey and Brett, Mary's sweet lil legacies trip to NY is less than a day away! As I was deep in thought I was stunned to see, a bright red cardinal flew right in front of me. My heart skipped a beat and I yelped for joy. I know Mary's with me sharing my excitment for the upcoming visit.

All these stories are so special to me and would you believe that as I took a break and stepped outside just moments ago I heard a quick chirp chirp chirp out in the dark - this is so confirming that I'm not alone! I love you Mary!


Laurie Kolp said...

Ahh... such lovely stories! I saw a cardinal outside my window today... Mary's birthday.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I just popped by to let you know that David Lloyd has tiny cardinal paintings framed in wearable necklaces for US$39 at his etsy store.Just copy and paste the link below into your browser,to go to that page.

Cheers / Daz