Saturday, July 2, 2011

Signs on the way to ER

Sunday, June 26th, 2011 ~ I was on my way to the ER due to painful complications after my gall bladder was removed.
I was sitting in the passenger seat while Chad drove me to the hospital to get some answers. As we were stopped at a light, there was a RAV4 Toyota truck in front of us with a tire cover I've NEVER seen before. It had the M & M characters all over it with a picture of a station wagon that said "ROAD TRIP". There was also a cover around the license plate with M & M characters and the number 38.
I sat there for a moment looking at the cover and realized how unique it was. Then as if a light bulb went off, I realized it was a sign. My Mary was with me!!! She loved and collected M & M's since they were her initials. The Road Trip was something we had fun memories of, we were always on a road trip with our family and we always laughed at our station wagon and how we were like Chevy Chase in "Vacation". The number 38 - the only thing I could connect that to was her age. That is how old she would be if she were still alive. Amazing!! I so wish I got a picture of it. With the pain I was in, I just wasn't that quick. (I looked on-line for a picture of an M&M tire cover & couldn't find one at all..... it was too unique!)

Then I received an message from an old friend from high school who we have been re-connected through face book. She said to me, "..... there are signs everywhere of *M*"!

Well, I get into the ER room where I had a tiny little elderly lady in a bed next to me. So cute and quiet she was, then I heard the nurse call her Mary. Wow...... I later went upstairs after being admitted and had a little elderly Italian lady for a roommate there too. Guess what her name was?? Maria (Mary in Italian)...... I was in such happy shock. I know my sister was with me!

I had two wonderful nurses I liked. Mitzie and Jen and then an orderly who took me back from my tests who was so nice, named Matthew.

All these beautiful signs of love that Mary was with me!!

When I finally got out of the hospital that Wednesday, I got a surprise call from my hairdresser asking if I still needed a haircut. (I had my sister in laws wedding the next day & I was a wreck?) I did, I did! I got in!! That was luck or the help of someone from above :) ~ then, Chad took a picture of me after the haircut and there was this tiny little blue orb on my shoulder...... just big enough for me to see and for me to know that my Mary was still with me!
I am so blessed to know I have Mary by my side!

I love you Mary so much ~ I believe you are attached to my soul!


Marie Elena said...

Jeni, your blogsite is so uplifting, under difficult circumstances. It's an encouragement to see someone who chooses to see the blessings in life.

Marie Elena (of Poetic Bloomings)

Jeni said...

Dearest Marie,
Thank you for you kind words of love..... My Mary had just too much life, love and energy to be gone! Through me she lives on! I've been blessed to have her spirit with me. Because of her death I have a new found faith in life after life on earth......
I wish you all the happiness life has to offer and am grateful for your time to pay a visit!
Love to you,

Laurie Kolp said...

Jeni~ M&Ms... wow. Mary is with you and I know she's attached to your soul. I'm so happy you knew she was there during your difficult time. Hope you're feeling better!