Friday, October 18, 2013

333 - a day of wonder

I really don't look for these fun little signs - they just happen and I catch them in that perfect moment and then I giggle to myself and say "Hi Angels - thank you for being here"! Sometimes I wonder what they really mean.  I believe its my angels making themselves known.  Maybe my sister, maybe my dad, maybe my Grandma or Uncle Ricky or Mama K or who knows, maybe just some of God's Angels that are assigned to me, I really don't try to figure it out..... there are so many different theories out there my mind spins.  I just enjoy and believe that someday if I am to know, then I will.  Until then I'll just keep believing my angels are whispering to me showing me I'm never alone! Besides, it makes me giggle inside and from what I've been told, laughter is the key to a happy soul!

 These 333's were all in one day  :) ~

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