Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another Magical day of Signs

The picture is of the price of my meal today $18.88 (888 haha) - this was right after I finished re financing my car loan on- line saving $$.   I've heard that 888 symbolizes money.

On my way driving home from the restaurant where I picked up our food a most amazing sequence of license plates seemed to have a fun message JUST FOR ME.  There must have been a dozen cars parked on the busy road in front of a popular kids themepark..... I wasn't driving very fast but fast enough to where I couldn't take pictures.  First off I saw a moving car with "888" on it then immediately after the amazing sequence began - they were on 4 different license plates of those parked cars: "888", "Jen", "loan", "888"!!!!  If I didn't have hot food in my car I would have circled around to somehow grab the pictures.  I so wish I had...... it's surreal!

I parked my car and happened to look at the mileage, would you believe the mileage ended in 555:

Then as if that wasn't enough magic in one hour.......... when I got home I found a random shiny penny in my closet then......
A random bird feather in my house!!!!  

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