Monday, October 28, 2013

Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart ~Incredible young lady I admire with all my ❤!
An angel on earth.
"I have learned that my challenges can help me reach out to others with  more empathy and understanding than i could ever have had before.
When we are faced with a challenge,  it is very easy to be mad or upset. But when we have passed our great test, we are able to effect change in a way that otherwise we wouldn't have been able to.
Because of things I have lived through, I can help them to learn to be happy.  Because I have lived through these experiences, I am able to be a voice for change.  If I hadn't had this terrible experience, I'm not sure that I would have cared enough about these issues to become involved, I wouldn't be able to do the many things that I've been able to do....
I am grateful for these opportunities that I've had to help other people. They have blessed my life."

~Elizabeth Smart "My Story" - Page 303

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