Friday, August 4, 2017

Random Magic in an Auspicious time

Its that time of year again.   The week of Mary and Jen.... signs of love from above are abundant during the week of 7/29 - 8/6.  Mary's B day being 7/31 and my B day being 8/6.

..... what a wonderful way to end my day....with A random gift of chocolates & coffee from Hawaii and  a fun Friday feather in my path as I ran to the train to get home to start my Birthday weekend!

🕊️ The bonus to today was the amazing synchronicity that happened.  Just a couple days ago I thought of this friend I hadn't seen in while, wondering how she has been.... Then out of nowhere, I ran into her today, she was so full of excitement she could barely get the words out and what she said to me gave me goosebumps....she said, "OMG, I just had a dream the other night and I couldn't wait to tell you.  My dream was filled with nothing but Cardinals!  That's it!". I asked her if she had lost anyone in her life who may be sending her messages and she said "No! I think it was your sister Mary!"

Another thing happened that I would consider synchronistic as well.  I had bought a new brand of shampoo and conditioner last weekend and two days ago I thought to myself, "I don't like this new brand, my hair feels dry!"    Well,  today another random gift came my way that I believe spoke to this thought.   A resident of mine came into my office and said he remembered it was my B day and he wanted to give me a gift.  He handed me bag that had some organic shampoo, conditioner and body wash.  How random is that?? How sweet is that?   This resident has lived in  my building for over 3 years, he happens to be blind.  I know the gift was not a flirtation,  he is just a nice man who appreciates kindness, sincerity and respect - all of which I can admit I have given him.

Isn't it amazing how much magic there is in life?  I pray I may always have the heart to see this and I pray that I continue to learn and grow in my life.   I am learning to flow more with the universe by staying in the moment and seeing the world around with love and without judgment in all.

Gratefully yours,

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