Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No coincidences

The past few days I have been unusually sad ~ missing my sister. I've been blogging on this site. Today I chose to text my cousin how I miss her. Not too long after, she text me saying she saw Mary. When I asked how, she said she was at her moms and saw a little red cardinal hopping on the deck outside their window all by itself. My aunt asked "why is that bird there and what is it doing?" My cousin said, "That's Mary".
The cardinal is the state bird there in Illinois so they see them all the time, but they don't usually stand there just hopping about - as if trying to be seen. THAT IS A SIGN! Thank you Mary!
Then, as I was sitting on the train to go home tonight, I dug into my purse to try to read a book I've had trouble starting. "A new Eath" by Eckart Tolle. I opted to open it to the back of the book where the pages were white, unlike the rest of the book. Page 223, "The discovery of Inner Space". I started reading about a King who was prone to Happiness, but the the slightest thing, change to despair. he seeked help from a wise man who gave him a Jade ring and told him to rub the ring when he started to feel despair and say "THIS TOO SHALL PASS".
Now the strange thing about me reading this is that in a "reading" I had recently, the intuitive counselor told me my dad came through and was saying "This too Shall Pass" (along with other sayings - "No problme is a problem unless you think its a problme" & "Make it Snappy").
I truly feel as if my dad just came through to me by passage!
I was feeling a bit of despair and concious of it as I left work. I had just gotten news of yet another project needing to be made (and I haven't gotten a handle on the current ones), so I felt a little frustration and despair. As if I'll never be ahead of the game.
Then this! WOW! The signs are there! I don't choose the books i bring with me to read. They choose me.
Just for the record I've put another small book call "All things are Possible through Prayer" in my purse yesterday. A book I've had for 4 years given to me by Angie who passed 3 years ago. A very special woman in my life. I never read teh book, but felt compelled this week.


Susan said...

Jeni, I love reading your blog. It makes me wish I was there to give you a big hug!! Chad will have to do that for me. That saying "this to shall pass" is what I told mom about everything she is having to deal with right now with Uncle Rick's stuff. I was trying to find the Bible verse that says that but can't right now. I'll have to find it. Anyways, praying for you, love you and miss you! love susan

Laurie Kolp said...

Oooh, Jeni- that is so exciting!! I needed to hear that. I'm so glad we have each other to help pull us through this fog. It seems like when one of us down, the other has a "cardinal sighting" and shares about it, which cheers up the other one. I know Mary is helping us get through this grief. I hope she NEVER goes away! Just last night I started crying b/c I was remembering how interested Mary always was in reading my writing work. Not many people will sit down and enthusiastically read someone else's stuff. She just always built me up in spirit. I miss that!