Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Signs are Here

I am here and so are you... i feel your presence in all i do.
The intuitive reading i had last Saturday confirmed it! When she said as you came through you asked about the picking of chocolate chips & that you did that too. I was amazed that you saw me do that just the night before. I was all alone making chocolate chip cookies picking out the lil chips - well i thought i was alone, and i'm glad i wasn't :)! Then she asked if i wrote you notes and letters because you were acknowledging them. I was happy to tell her YES, Yes I do i have a blog just for her & a pad i write lil notes too! She said you said to use lavender paper because it's healing.... I will do!
Well, i am as sick as can be today - it started yesterday. When i went outside to get some air, a bright red cardinal greeted me as he fluttered in the air. He just starred at me as he flapped his wings - so beautiful he was up in the tree fluttering above just to see me! I acknowledged him & felt him say "I hope you feel better - i live here and I'm here to stay". He looked like a little red angel the way he was.
I was told by you to keep looking for the signs and that our souls were so tight they were like one!

Sis, you are still alive to me and I will keep you that way okay..... I love you and miss you! Your pretty smile and encouraging words, but will take you as a bird.
For now until then - when we see each other again. Your love will shine through me to those in need....
Thank you dear sis for staying by my side! You can live through me!

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