Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sweet Memories

Sugar toast, peanut butter crackers, butter fried tortillas,
skittles, funyuns, anything sweet, it didn't matter to us! These were our treats.
You'd ride your bike as fast you could and return to me in the nick of time. All i had to do was tell you I was timing you and your little legs peddled faster than the wind. I would give you a list with a couple bucks of cash and tell you the change was all yours. But the catch was to beat your last time! It didn't matter if it was a nickel or dime, you did it all for the time. The race! I guess now that I think about it, you were runny the test of time!
Those were the days sweet sis that i would give everything back for. Those summer days of eats & treats & fun in the sun! Well, a little trouble came with us two. How could it not? It was fun of course, a little rebellion too. We had each others back that for sure is true! How bout the time we caught our babysitter smokin and used that to get what we wanted? hehe - so mean we were to make her cry... it didn't matter to us, all we cared about was that she could drive. Drive us wherever we wanted in lieu of her secret to be kept. Roller Rink bound everytime! Only we pushed her to the limit making her quit.
I wish i had you back to tell you what to do. I knew you'd always listen. Maybe not right away, but i knew you sis & you always came around. I think it stems back to your eagerness to please. Oh, you did impress!!! Cheerleader, triathelete, deans list, teacher, coach, mommy & friend, just to name a few! All your accomplishments despite set backs - you kept looking forward and upward and got your titles & trophies & dreams.... until one day you broke your wings. Times like this - I can only wish that I knew what I know now and I would not be here, I would be there pounding on your door. I'd camp out, kidnap you and keep you until you were healed. Strong enough to fight your fight with unbroken wings.
I know your wings are completely healed where you are.. I only wish it was my will, not yours that has been done!
That's it tonight sis... I was just reminishing some. I have alot more, but will have to share later. I can only take lil bits at a time. My throat closes up and my eyes pour with tears as I think of you and miss you.
Don't worry ~ I'm okay, I just need to feel what I feel to heal!
I love you my sister.... FAITH & HOPE YOU WERE! FAITH & HOPE YOU ARE! My shining lil star!

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Laurie Kolp said...

I just love reading about things you and Mary did growing up. I look forward to reading your blog- it makes me feel closer to Mary.

Love you,